Pensee Human Capital Management Software

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Tech Support:  400 816 7278

Basic Application-Compensation Management

The "Compensation Management" module supports the design of complex compensation & benefit systems to meet the payroll management, calculation and distribution requirements of group companies. Access to and storage of payroll data are safe and reliable, and payroll computations are fast and accurate.

The module can:
  Flexibly set out payroll calculation tasks. Allow classifications, and designation of different administrative controls
• Support suspension of salaries, lock down functions, and restrict control at different levels of authority
• Allow batch importing of payroll data (Excel)
• Allow a range of payroll calculations including monthly salary system, hourly wage system, piece-rate system, etc.
• Set up multiple payroll payment modes according to requirements
• Support payroll payments across multiple regions, cost centres, exchange rates, bank accounts
• Flexibly set out payroll formulae, allow automatic calculation of individual income tax, support  foreign employees' individual income tax calculations
• Support automatic calculation of year-end apportioned taxes and back taxes
• Automatically detect payroll calculation errors
• Encrypt payroll data in line with SOX requirements
• Automatically generate bank documents, support payment to multiple bank accounts for a single employee, support emailing of payroll slip
• Provide analysis report on embedded series of salary statistics 
• Set out social security parameters and set social security payment policies by territory
• Support payment by a single employee of provident funds and social security contributions in different cities
• Allow setting of differentiated employees' social security contribution base 
• Support processing of social security supplementary contributions


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